Welcome to our Lands

Welcome to the shire of Mountain Edge

We are a small branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism located in the central region of the Kingdom of An Tir (Pacific Northwest US and part of western Canada), within the Principality of the Summits. Our Shire lands encompass Yamhill County, Oregon, including the cities of Newberg, Dundee, McMinnville, and Sheridan. We host two fun and friendly events each year – Mountain Edge Defenders Tourney in the spring and Acorn War in early fall.

The Shire also has monthly Council (business) meetings and several types of SCA martial arts practices – the current schedule and directions are on the Events page.

All are welcome at Mountain Edge activities!

Latest News from the Shire

  • Congratulations to our new Defenders

    Mountain Edge had a successful Defenders tournament this last April 20th. We had 75 people in attendance and two tournaments for people to participate in. The Heavy Tournament had 19 fighters participating and the Rapier tournament had 9 fighters. The weather was perfect for the tournaments and the displays of skill and chivalry were a wonder to behold.

    Introducing our new Defenders

    Heavy Defender

    Baron Peder Georg Jensen

    Rapier Defender

    Viscount Sir William Geoffrey the Rogue

    There was much more than fighting for those that attended the event. There was a Arts & Science displays including classes on felting, using a spinning wheel, scribal illumination and a cooking demo.

    His Highness, Prince Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia demonstrates his period cooking set up.

    To close the event, Court was held by Prince Finn and Prince Eduardo. Many thanks were given to the attendants. Our new Defenders, Baron Peder and Viscount William Geoffrey were invested, and some members of our little shire were called up and given awards.

    Lady Esja Kittlinger receives a Griffe et du Lion
    Lady Morgan Woodsende receives a Grail of the Summits for Service.

    In Addition, Her Ladyship Layla of Mountain Edge received a Silver Barberry and His Lordship Paul of Beckenham received a Grail of the Summits for martial skill.

    Event Gallery

    Tanist Z running the tournament lists
    Tanist Amalric and Prince Finn
    Investing those who would enter the Rapier Defender tournament
    Taking a quiet moment to work on a project
    Viscount Antoine vs Lord Tyric
    Investing those who would enter the Heavy
    Defender tournament
    The Heavy Tournament Fighting Line
    Lady Esja Kittlinger, Lord Ulfgeirr Bjornson and family
    His Lordship Cedric and our Tanist, Duke Amalric
    Cormac vs Lord Andrew
    Lo there do I see the land of my people! – Randulf Greenwall
    Lord Adriano Foscari vs Viscount William Geoffrey